Large-scale sweet potato starch production equipment with a daily output of 50 tons

Process flow analysis of sweet potato starch production line:

    (1) Weighing/Conveying

    The sweet potatoes are weighed by the weighbridge and stored in the sweet potato yard. The sweet potatoes pass through a conveyor and pass through to a de-stoner where stones and other heavy items are separated.

    (2) Stone removal/cleaning

    The stone-removed sweet potatoes enter the squirrel-cage washing machine for cleaning. In order to achieve a better cleaning effect, a secondary cleaning machine is required. The cleaned sweet potatoes are transported to the sweet potato rotary knife crusher through the screw conveyor.

    (3) Due to the shape of the sweet potato, the sweet potato rotary knife crusher independently developed by Kaifeng Sida Equipment Co., Ltd. (the available free starch to high ratio) is very important to the total yield of the system, so the rotary knife The crusher is specially designed to achieve the highest possible crushing efficiency.

    (4) The rotary knife crusher crushes sweet potatoes in large pieces and then directly transfers them to the crusher for powder crushing. The pulverizer is a hammer mill.

    (5) Sand removal

    The sweet potato starch emulsion coming out of the hammer mill is transported to the desanding cyclone by the screw pump to remove sand grains.

    (6) Fiber extraction

    The starch emulsion from the desanding unit is transported to the extraction unit, which is integrated, including 6 pressure curved screens, fiber pumps, and defoaming pumps. The fibers are washed and separated by the cell liquid from the multi-stage cyclone in countercurrent in this 6-stage sieve. The separated fibers enter the potato residue dewatering screen for dehydration.

    (8) Refined

    The starch milk from the centrifugal sieve enters the 24-stage concentrated cyclone washing unit, and the process water is pumped from the other end of the cyclone station to wash the starch in a countercurrent manner. The entire cyclone station can be divided into three parts. First, the starch milk is dejuiced and concentrated through the concentrated cyclone station. The concentrated starch milk enters the 18-stage washing unit at the back, and the cell liquid from the overflow enters the recovery cyclone station. The starch contained therein is recovered. The starch milk from the cyclone station is pumped to a stainless steel starch milk storage tank with agitator.

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