Cassava starch production process

     Fresh cassava is cleaned and removed, and transported to a special crusher to be fully crushed to the state of free starch, and then washed and separated from pulp and slag. After multi-stage washing, the starch in the slag is completely separated, and the separated raw pulp passes through several stages of starch. Separation and purification of protein, enter the dehydration machine for dehydration, try to separate the water by about 35% and evenly feed it to the dryer for drying, the safety regulation moisture content is 13-14%, and the sieved finished product is packed into bags of 25 and 50KG for storage. the

Cassava—conveying—removing impurities—cleaning—drum cleaning—primary crushing—secondary crushing—screening—cellulose separation—protein separation—sand removal—fine screening—dehydration— – Feeding – starch drying – finished product sieving – air cooling – packaging.Fourth, the main technical indicators, Conveyor, trash removal machine, potato washing machine, crusher, washing centrifugal sieve (pressure curved sieve), desander group, cyclone group, dehydrator, dryer.

     1. Starch quality: industrial cassava starch first grade standard.

     2. Starch extraction rate: 90%-95%

     3. Total installed capacity: 280KW (actually about 300KW)

     4. Water consumption per ton of starch: 8-10 cubic meters

     5. Coal consumption per ton of starch: 80-90Kg

     6. Power consumption per ton of starch: 60-70 degrees

     7. Main workshop area: 40m*10m*8m

     8. Employment: 8-10 people

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