Tapioca Starch Production Scheme
Huatai Tapioca Starch Production Line
The cassava starch production line of Huatai Potato Industry adopts the wet processing technology of starch production without adding any additives. The whole process technology is mature, the configuration is scientific, and the process is reasonable. The starch production process is designed according to the six stages of cleaning→crushing→sieving→concentrating and refining→dehydrating→drying. In particular, the disintegration and screening section adopts a curved net extrusion type flour mill, and through the process of multi-stage crushing, multi-stage filtration, and multi-stage extrusion in sequence, the pueraria slag after crushing and filtration is in the shape of silk hair, which has the advantages of low energy consumption, high starch extraction rate and good starch quality, which improves the production efficiency of the production line and the extraction rate of starch.
Applicable objects and features:
It is suitable for medium-scale and above-scale starch processing manufacturers and customers who use cassava as raw material. The process is automated from raw material cleaning, crushing, starch extraction, fine filtration, sand removal, concentration, refining, dehydration, and drying. The processing volume of the product is large, the production cycle is short, and it only takes more than ten minutes from the raw material cleaning to the finished product, which avoids the oxidative browning of the material and the secondary pollution of dust and microorganisms when the material is exposed to the air for a long time, and improves the production efficiency and product quality.
Process flow:
Belt conveyor → Spiral cleaning machine → Stone removal cleaning machine → Paddle cleaning machine → New type squirrel cage cleaning machine → Curved net extrusion type flour mill → Net fine filter (round basket) → Starch microfiltration machine → Sand and desilter → Starch refining and concentration system → Vacuum dehydrator → Dryer
Main indicators: turbidity<0.1, hardness<100, SO2<0.55ppm, iron<0.9 ppm; pressure>0.2Mpa;
Cassava raw material requirements: fresh, no mildew, no large amount of sediment
Water supply requirements: Water consumption: 2 to 3 tons of water per ton of fresh cassava,Huatai is professional cassava starch machine supplier, any need please email to [email protected]