Huatai starch processing equipment manufacturing strength
1: The factory has automatic control welding robots, which are mainly used for high-quality, high-precision welding of various workpieces based on rotating shafts. It is easy to stabilize and improve the quality of welding products and ensure their uniformity; improve production efficiency and continuity Production; at the same time, improve the working conditions of workers, so that they can work in harmful environments for a long time; reduce the requirements for the difficulty of workers’ operation skills.
2: The factory has a Yunji CNC lathe, equipped with a four-station automatic indexing tool holder, which is reliable and can realize multi-station continuous processing. It is mainly used for internal and external cylindrical surfaces and arcs such as disks, shafts, and sleeves. The turning of the face and other rotations, end faces and threads can effectively improve the machining accuracy and ensure the consistency of the same batch of production parts.
3: The factory has a working metal fiber laser cutting machine, which is mainly used for size cutting, bevel cutting, wedge cutting, and cutting of carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum alloy steel (including H-beam, channel steel, square steel, angle steel, etc.) Special-shaped end cutting and various middle holes and gaps for laser cutting. The human-computer interaction interface is friendly, the operation is simple, and it has the characteristics of high-speed cutting, high stability and high-precision cutting quality.

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