Taking corn starch as an example, the production process is divided into cleaning and impurity removal, wet grinding and separation, dehydration and drying, and by-product recycling. The wet grinding and separation can be further divided into soaking, coarse crushing and germ separation, fine grinding of slurry, fiber separation, Gluten separation, starch cleaning, etc.
1. How is starch made?
Starch (starch) is polymerized from glucose molecules and is the most common storage form of carbohydrates in cells. In addition to being edible, it is used industrially to make dextrin, maltose, glucose, alcohol, etc. It is also used to prepare printing paste, sizing textiles, gluing paper, and pressing pharmaceutical tablets.
The corn starch production process can be roughly divided into four parts, including corn cleaning and impurity removal, corn wet grinding and separation, starch dehydration and drying, and by-product recycling. Among them, corn wet grinding and separation is the main part of the process, which can be subdivided into corn soaking, Corn coarse crushing and germ separation, fine grinding of slurry, fiber separation, gluten separation, and starch cleaning.
3. Starch can be divided into cereal starch (corn, rice, barley, wheat, oats, buckwheat, sorghum), potato starch (sweet potato, cassava, kudzu, potato, yam), legume starch (broad beans, mung beans, peas, adzuki beans) and other starches (banana, ginkgo, pineapple).
potato starch processing 
Potato starch is the most common starch on the market. We usually use potato starch, which is also the most stable quality thickening starch. This starch is used to thicken the gravy when making dishes. The gravy can remain in its original state for a long time and is not easily hydrated. It is characterized by sufficient viscosity, fine texture and white color, and its gloss is better than mung bean starch.
wheat starch processing
Wheat starch is also called Chengmian and Chengfen. Here, everyone must clearly distinguish between wheat starch and wheat flour. Wheat starch is the product of refined wheat flour. It is to wash wheat flour with water to remove gluten, and then extract the water from washing out gluten through precipitation. It is characterized by its white color and smooth skin. The resulting pasta will be transparent. For example, we usually eat crystal dumplings, rice rolls, etc.
corn starch
Cornstarch is the most widely available starch on the market and is not as sticky as potato starch. It is mainly used to make thin noodles in pasta. Cornstarch is commonly used as an industrial raw material, mainly in alcohol production.
Cassava starch factory
Cassava starch is also a starch with a relatively large output in my country, and its main production area is in Guangxi. It is characterized by strong stickiness, but its color is the same as sweet potato starch. Pasta products made from tapioca starch are smooth and chewy. The editor usually uses it to make crystal dumplings, but its color is not as beautiful as the crystal dumplings made from potato starch. But it tastes better than it tastes.

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