How to improve the automation of mechanical equipment used by small farmers under the premise of low-cost investment has become a hot topic in the current small starch processing market.
The precipitation-free sweet potato starch production line is a configuration type suitable for small processing groups. It is mainly used in the small processing market that processes 2-3 tons of sweet potatoes at a time. The overall process flow is: cleaning machine – crusher – filter – desander – Concentrator-dehydrator-air drying.
There is no need for precipitation during the processing. The filtration and sand removal equipment effectively removes impurities such as sand and gravel particles, and then separates the water from the starch through a concentrator to increase the starch concentration and save long precipitation time, which can be directly used for dehydration. The precipitation-free sweet potato starch production line can also input sweet potatoes here and output starch there. The whole process only takes ten minutes. The moisture content of dehydrated starch is about 35%-40%, and it can be directly dried outdoors to complete the starch drying.
This simple starch production line can increase, decrease, or replace the number and configuration of equipment without affecting the starch production efficiency and quality. It not only improves processing efficiency, but also significantly reduces capital investment. It is suitable for investors with small scale and seasonal processing. use.Henan Huatai produces large-scale potato starch production lines, small and medium-sized potato starch equipmentcassava starch equipment with various outputs, corn starch processing, and wheat starch processing machinery.any need please email to [email protected]