Many companies use corn flour equipment to replace traditional manual labor, which not only reduces the burden and pressure of manual labor, but also improves the starch production efficiency of the enterprise, which can effectively increase the starch production and profitability of the enterprise. However, sweet potato starch equipment requires a lot of water and electricity during use. In order to ensure quality and efficiency, how should water and electricity be configured when using sweet potato starch equipment? The following is a cost-effective sweet potato starch equipment company to explain to you.
1. Water configuration
Corn is the tuberous stem of plants, so there will be a lot of sediment on the skin of sweet potatoes. Therefore, a lot of water is needed in the production process of sweet potato starch. In order to improve the production quality of sweet potato starch, the most professional company of sweet potato starch equipment recommends configuration Water with relatively low quality hardness, because calcium and magnesium ions in water with high hardness will affect the color and ash of starch. In addition to water quality, it is also necessary to configure a water tower with a capacity up to the standard for the sweet potato starch equipment to ensure that the outlet water has a certain pressure and sufficient water volume.
2. Electrical configuration
Corn starch equipment needs to be powered on when in use. In order to ensure that the equipment itself and production quality will not be affected by voltage and current fluctuations, a dedicated transformer should be configured for the sweet potato starch equipment so that the voltage can meet the specified requirements of the equipment. In addition, due to Sweet potato starch uses a lot of water in the production process, so it is necessary to provide grounding protection for the equipment to avoid accidents, and the wiring port of the motor should be placed ten to twenty centimeters above the ground to prevent water from entering the wire.
The above is the water and electricity configuration that needs to be done when using corn starch equipment. Only by configuring the two aspects of water and electricity can the use of corn starch equipment be more secure, and sweet potato starch can have a better production environment. , so as to ensure that the quality of sweet potato starch produced is better, and it can also effectively reduce energy consumption.

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