The main uses of garri processing machine are: hopper, dry screen, paddle cleaning machine, cassava peeler, cassava grater, garri fryer
The working process of garri processor in garri processing plant.
garri processing machine is mainly used for: feed hopper – dry screen – paddle cleaning machine – cassava peeling machine – cassava grinder – screw conveyor – hydraulic press – crusher – cooling system – vibrating screen – packaging machine
The garri making process in the garri processing plant is as follows: 1. Transport the cassava into a feeding hopper, and then transport the cassava to a drying sieve and paddle washing machine to remove impurities. 2. Peel the washed cassava and chop into paste. 3.Put the chopped cassava into bags and ferment for 2 or 3 days. 4. Use a hydraulic press to squeeze the water out of the gizzards, and then fry them to get dry gizzards. 5. Cool the dry g-tube in the cooling system and use a vibrating screen to screen large particles. 6. Pack the produced garri to the garri processing factory. Henan Huatai starch processing machine supply different capacity starch processing solution, cassava starch processing, potato starch line, and other starch processing, any need please email to [email protected]