The chat flow of an automated starch line.Fully Automated End-End Cassava Starch Processing Plant The fully automated end-end cassava starch processing plant is used to process cassava tubers into high quality cassava starch, which is useful for both food and as raw materials for various industrial manufacturing purposes e.g. Sweetener, glucose, gum, paper, pharmaceutical, textiles etc.The improved technology cassava starch production line process includes;
Fresh cassava – Peeling and Cleaning – Crushing/Grating – Centrifuge sieving – Fine fiber sieving – Concentration and Hydrocyclone refining – Dehydration/Dewatering -Flash drying – Screening – Packaging.
Mechanical peeler: The cassava is peeled systematically to reduce wastage and remove stones, sand or soil from the cassava tuber by peeling it.
Grater: It blends cassava into slurry. It brings the starch out from the cassava. With our advanced technology, this machine can bring about 98% starch out from the cassava.
Sieving: This is to remove the sand, residues and milk from the wet starch. The excess fibers are extracted from the cassava slurry.

Huatai Group can undertake medium and large cassava starch production lines, and can design, develop, produce and install a full set of medium and large cassava production lines by itself. Any need please email to [email protected]