1. Extraction of potato starch
The extraction of potato starch is a complex process, including raw material screening, cleaning, slicing, soaking, crushing, filtration, dehydration, drying and other steps. Among them, the screening and cleaning of raw materials are very important because they can affect the purity and quality of starch. During the processing, attention needs to be paid to controlling parameters such as temperature, time, and pressure in each link to ensure the quality and yield of starch.
2. Application of potato starch
Potato starch has broad application prospects and is mainly used in food, industry, medicine and other fields. In the food field, potato starch is widely used in pasta, pastries, meat products, beverages and other products, and can thicken, retain water, and increase gloss. In the industrial field, potato starch is used in pulp, textile, paper, building materials and other fields, and can play a role in thickening, strengthening and thickening. In the pharmaceutical field, potato starch is used in the manufacture of capsules, tablets and other medicines, and can play a role in thickening, wrapping, filling, etc.
3. Quality indicators of potato starch
The quality indicators of potato starch mainly include starch content, purity, color, particle size, etc. Among them, starch content and purity are important indicators to measure the quality of potato starch and need to meet national and industry standards. Color and particle size directly affect the application effect of potato starch and the quality of the end product. It is necessary to select suitable products according to different application requirements.

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