Energy consumption and preparation in potato starch processing plant:
Depending on the origin of the raw materials, the starch extraction rate is 87-95%. Generally, 7-8 tons of potatoes are used to produce 1 ton of standard starch.
Water consumption: 2~3T per ton of fresh potatoes. Electricity consumption: ≈70 kWh per ton of finished product. Coal consumption: ≈0.6-1T of steam per ton of finished product.
Example of 0.5 ton (500kg) potato starch production line equipment:
The production line consumes 45-65 degrees of electricity, 55-70 kilograms of coal (electric heating consumes 150-200KWH per hour during drying), and 8-10 cubic meters of water (add 2-3 cubic meters of fresh water).
It employs 4-6 people in a class and the site area is 30 meters x 8 meters x 8 meters. A 160-200KVA transformer, power lines, water pipes, slurry pipes, civil construction materials, water towers, etc. need to be prepared.
The finished starch has a moisture content of 14-20% (depending on the region) and a fineness of 100 mesh. (Energy consumption and preparation vary depending on the specifications of the production line.
The potato starch production line is equipped with advanced technology pure air hot blast furnace, which can be designed to match the corresponding sewage treatment system.
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