Dry cassava flour processing

As the name suggests, this method does not require water treatment. The process of dry cassava flour processing mainly includes cleaning, peeling, slicing, drying, and grinding. The harvested cassava is screened to remove surface soil and debris, and then peeled by hand. After peeling, it is cut into slices or blocks and placed on the It is dried in the sun, and finally the dried cassava chips or pieces are ground into fine powder. The fine powder is the finished cassava flour.

This method has low investment cost. If a cassava peeling machine and a cassava slicing machine are added to the production process, the production efficiency can be improved. For generally small-scale or decentralized processing, production can be carried out using these two-day machines, but the production cycle is long (about 1 day), and it is difficult to control the whiteness, sand content and taste of the finished cassava flour.

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