Different Types of Starch Equipment

  1. Cleaning: screw conveying dry cleaning machine, stone removal cleaning machine, inclined squirrel cage cleaning machine, rubbing elutriation machine, quantitative conveying cleaning machine
  2. Crushing: Curved net extrusion type powder making machine, overflow elutriation type powder making machine
  3. Filtration: centrifugal sieve, fine filter, micro filter, desander, desilter
  4. Concentration and refining: starch cyclone station
  5. Dehydration: vacuum dehydration machine
  6. Drying: airflow dryer
    Each type of starch equipment has a variety of models and processing capacity, ranging from 2-3 tons per hour to 50-100 tons per day. Huatai Company can not only process sweet potato starch, potato starch, cassava starch, kudzu root, and other starches, only need to replace the special processing type, which is convenient and trouble-free.Any need, please email to [email protected]