Detailed process of making corn starch
1. Material selection and impurity removal: Use clean, mold-free corn with a moisture content of less than 14% as raw material, and use a three-layer oscillating sieve to oscillate and screen to remove dust and impurities, so that the purity of the corn kernels reaches more than 98.5%.
2. Water soaking: Rinse the corn kernels with clean water first, then put them into the pool to soak for 72 hours. Add an appropriate amount of sodium sulfite (about 0.2%) to the soaking water to soften them.
3. Separate and collect the embryo: Send the soaked corn kernels into the vertical mill for crushing to separate the corn embryo and endosperm, and then send the endosperm to the horizontal mill for crushing into slurry.
4. Flooded starch: The corn embryo pulp is promptly sent to the flow plate for precipitation for 4 hours to obtain wet corn starch. The remaining yellow slurry can be used for protein extraction.
5. Drying and packaging: Put the wet starch into a scraper dryer and dry it on the machine. After baking for about 4 hours, dry starch is obtained. It can be bagged and sealed according to different weight units for transportation or storage.

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