In the long-term production process, the production body has formed a relatively complete corn starch sugar production process to ensure the sustainable production of starch sugar. However, with the continuous increase in the demand for starch sugar and the improvement of starch sugar quality requirements, The original corn starch sugar production process gradually exposed a series of problems and deficiencies.
Improve the corn starch sugar production process to improve production efficiency and quality. Based on the existing corn starch sugar production process, we will provide relevant suggestions on the shortcomings of this process in practical applications and the corresponding optimization and improvement methods to enrich corn. Starch sugar production process.
As the focus of corn starch consumption structure, starch sugar plays a role as a basic raw material in many industries, and its demand has maintained a sustained increase.
Under such circumstances, improving the production efficiency of starch sugar to meet the growing demand is a problem that production entities need to focus on solving.
Under the current circumstances, the improvement of starch sugar production capacity mainly depends on two ways.
1. Production entities take the initiative to increase production lines.
2. Adjust and optimize existing production techniques and processes, compress production time and raw material costs, and improve output and quality per unit time.
In order to ensure the efficiency of production, MVR technology can be introduced. The core of this technology is to heat the secondary steam through mechanical compression to increase its temperature and use it as a heat source to replace the original fresh steam, that is, by adding a part of the work of the compressor. Realize cyclic evaporation, reduce the demand for external fresh steam, and rely on the circulation of the evaporation system to achieve the purpose of evaporation and concentration.
The operation of the MVR system can recycle the steam that was originally intended to be discharged, recover waste heat, and improve thermal efficiency.
At the same time, the initial steam is heated outside the tube with fresh steam, and the solution is heated and boiled to generate secondary steam, which is inhaled by the turbocharger fan. After being supercharged, the temperature of the secondary steam is increased and enters the heating chamber as a heat source for heating. Cycle evaporation.
Under the same evaporation conditions, the heat required by the MVR evaporation device is 24% of that of three-effect evaporation. This shows that the MVR system has the advantages of low energy consumption, simple process, and low evaporation temperature. It can achieve energy saving, emission reduction and cost reduction for production entities. The promotion effect is more obvious.

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