Corn starch production: The starch industry is experiencing a stage of rapid development, and the demand for starch continues to grow. Corn has a high starch content, so it occupies an important position in the starch processing industry, and maintains a growth rate of 5%-10% every year. Thanks to the country’s favorable policies and market development trends, the prospects of corn starch are generally optimistic. Investing in corn starch processing projects means entering an industry with large market demand and bright prospects.
Corn gluten meal, modified starch, corn starch sugar, glutamic acid, xylitol, chemical alcohol and other products. But no matter which deep processing project you choose, you need to realize that corn has huge potential waiting to be developed in the processing industry due to its high yield and unique sweet taste.
The technological process of corn starch processing equipment includes cleaning, soaking, primary grinding, degermination, secondary grinding, screening and protein separation and washing. These steps ensure safe production and product quality, ultimately resulting in wet starch with a moisture content of 45% or finished dry starch with a balanced moisture content of 12%.

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