A wet milling way to process corn and adopt advanced bottle process to produce corn starch slurry. The total corn starch production line is a heat cycle bottle process. Process water is cycle used. That means materials enter into the starting of system and little quantity fresh water is added from ending of system (starch washing procedure, and discharged from starting (steeping procedure). So the water consumption is low. It will save production water and reduce the effluent to improve dry material recovery ratio. The main process equipment will be Chinese mature and reliable starch processing special equipment with high efficiency and high yield.
The characters of corn starch production line are as follows:
Continuous, closed, mechanical production. low labor density, high production efficiency.
Simple operation and low maintenance cost
Small land to save building investment
Simple equipment installation and low installation cost
Material is closed processed. The environment is clean and healthful, which can ensure product sanitation standard.
Main equipment and process pipe are made of stainless steel which ensure product quality and use life.

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