Corn starch, white light yellow powder. Corn is crushed with 0.3% sulfurous acid, crushed, sieved, precipitated, dried and ground. Ordinary products contain a small amount of traces and proteins etc.
1. Cleaning:
Clean corn contains various dust mustard, organic and inorganic impurities. In order to ensure safe production and product quality, impurities in corn must be removed. The method of cleaning corn mainly adopts screening and winnowing. Cleaning equipment includes vibrating screens, specific gravity stone removers, permanent magnet drums, wheat washing machines, etc.
2. Soaking:
The maize dipping method generally uses several or dozens of metal tanks connected and combined through pipelines, and the soaking water is circulated between the tanks through a water pump, and the soaking water is soaked countercurrently.
3. Initial grinding:
The purpose of coarse crushing is mainly to break the soaked corn into more than 10 pieces to separate the germ. Most corn primary crushing uses a disc crusher. Coarse crushing can be divided into two parts. For the first time, the corn is broken into 4-6 pieces, and the germ is separated; for the second time, the corn is broken into more than 10 pieces, so that all the germs fall off, and the germ is separated for the second time.
4. Degermination:
Use a hydrocyclone. This kind of separator is made of nylon, and multiple separators are concentrated on one shelf, with less placement, large production capacity, and high separation efficiency, which can reach more than 95%.
5. Secondary grinding:
A mixture of corn silk and part of the starch after separation of the germ, which must be ground to destroy the corn cells, free starch granules, separate fibers and bran in order to extract the starch.
6. Screening (fiber separation):
Corn flakes are ground to obtain corn paste, and the starch is separated from coarse and fine residues by sieving. Commonly used screening equipment includes hexagonal sieve, flat shaker sieve, curved sieve and centrifugal sieve.
7. Protein separation and washing:
The concentration of starch milk after separation of coarse and fine slag is 6-8%, and the dry matter content is about 11-14%
8. Centrifugal separation and drying:
The starch milk is sent to the centrifuge for dehydration, and the wet starch with a water content of 45% can be obtained. This wet starch can also be delivered as a finished product. In order to facilitate transportation and storage, it is best to dry the starch to reduce the water content of the starch to 12% of the equilibrium water. It is then shipped as finished dry starch.

Summary:Corn → purification of debris → soaking → crushing → germ separation and washing → grinding → fiber separation → gluten separation → centrifugal dehydration → air drying → corn starch.

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