Corn starch production and soaking process
In order to make corn suitable for the needs of starch production and processing, it is necessary to soften the corn by soaking, reduce the mechanical strength of the grain, disperse the protein network in the corn embryo to weaken the connection of starch, extract the soluble substances of corn, inhibit the activity of harmful microorganisms and clean the corn to achieve the desired results. The purpose of processing is to proceed smoothly.
1. Soaking process indicators and parameters
H2SO3 concentration 0.25-0.35%
Generally, the corn soaking temperature is 50±2℃
Dry and moldy corn soaking temperature is 50-55℃
Thin corn steep liquor concentration ≥ 2.5 Bé, SO2 < 0.03%
The acidity of corn after soaking is ≤70ml (0.1N.NaOH solution titrates 100 grams of dry corn)
Soaking time 48-72 hours
The moisture content of corn after soaking is 42-45%
Soluble content of corn after soaking 2-3%
Squeeze the soaked corn with your fingers to make it feel soft.

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