Corn starch Processing steps includes :High-quality corn, cleaning, soaking, degermination, embryo body and germ separation, germ fine grinding, starch slurry, starch separation, dehydration, drying, finished corn starch.
Properties—Non-Newtonian Fluids
Corn starch has strong hygroscopicity, up to 30%.
Cornstarch mixed with water has a strange characteristic: it will harden when hit quickly, but not when hit slowly. Usage: Food additives, industrial raw materials: Starch sugar is easily digested and absorbed by the human body and is an important nutrient. It is a type of product with the largest output of deep processing of starch. It is mainly a food additive and an industrial raw material. Medicine: As far as the pharmaceutical industry is concerned, starch is the most important raw material for the antibiotic industry, because almost all antibiotics are produced by starch fermentation, such as penicillin, etc.;
In addition, another important use of starch is as a pharmaceutical excipient. In the early days, most of the tablets produced by pharmaceutical companies in various countries used corn starch as fillers and binders. Papermaking, petroleum, construction: Modified starch uses physical, chemical and enzymatic means to change the properties of natural starch to make it meet the needs of applications in various industries.

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