There are many ways to produce cornstarch, and wet and dry methods are widely used at present. The so-called wet method refers to the processing method of corn raw material pretreatment in the starch industry. The corn is soaked in warm water, coarsely ground and finely ground to separate the germ, fiber and protein to obtain a high-purity starch product. The so-called dry method refers to the separation of germ and fiber by grinding, sieving, winnowing and other methods to obtain low-fat corn flour. Pure corn starch is generally produced by wet method, which is divided into open process and closed process (derivative partial closed process). In the open process, fresh water is used for corn soaking and all washing, so the process consumes a lot of water, with a lot of dry matter loss and pollutant discharge. The closed process only uses fresh water when washing the last piece of starch, and all other water processes use process water. Therefore, the amount of fresh water is less, the loss of dry matter is less, and the pollution is greatly reduced. Therefore, modern starch factories adopt closed process. (1) Wet corn starch production process and equipment. The production of wet corn starch is done through corn purification, soaking, crushing and germ separation, fine grinding, fiber separation, washing and drying, starch and protein separation.

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