(1) The process of dry processing: generally includes impurity removal, moisture adjustment, peeling, grits and germination, grits and embryo extraction, and grinding to obtain corn grits, cornmeal and corn embryo respectively.
(2) Dry processing technology: generally divided into three types: whole corn flour milling method in which all corn is ground into flour; embryo extraction flour milling method in which the products are flour and embryo; joint product processing method, whose products include corn flour, corn There are 3 types of grits and corn embryos.
2. Corn wet processing
(1) Wet processing process
It is cleaning, soaking, grinding, separating, refining, dehydrating and drying to separate the cellulose, oil, protein and other non-starch substances in the corn kernels to obtain white powdery starch.
(2) There are 6 steps in wet processing
The six products are starch, protein, gluten flour, corn steep liquor, corn germ oil, cake meal and peel residue. It can also be further processed.
The production process of corn starch is as follows, and the specific steps are as follows:
Corn warehouse -> Weighing and purifying sulfur dioxide -> Soaking and concentrating corn steep liquor -> Coarse grinding -> Germ separation, washing of embryo stem, embryo oil extraction -> Fine grinding, fiber separation, sieving, water feed -> Sand removal -> Screening -> Protein separation and bran separation Concentrated gluten dry protein powder->cyclone separation->dehydration->drying->packaging->starch finished product
Ways to improve starch extraction rate
(1) Soaking grain at a constant temperature, extending the soaking time
The soaking temperature is maintained at 40°C to 60°C and the soaking time is 72 hours, which can increase the acidity of the slurry, making the old slurry reach 3.5 degrees, and the slurry extraction reaches about 4 degrees, thereby increasing the flour extraction rate.
(2) First coarse and then fine, crushing twice
During processing, the corn is ground once with a small steel grinder, which will grind the skin fibers. Not only is the flour extraction rate low, but the flour quality is not good. If the corn is ground twice, the corn will be broken into 6 pieces for the first time~ 8 petals, grind again for the second time, the result is that the powder extraction rate is increased by 0.76% compared with the first grinding.

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