Corn starch processing equipment
Corn is the raw material, and the complete set of engineering equipment that processes corn grains into corn grits and corn flour is called corn processing equipment.
The three major items of equipment cost, labor cost, and site cost are often different for different production capacities or different processes;
Equipment is classified according to processing technology
Full dry method of corn flour production, corn germ extraction and milling process and corn co-production process.
1. The process of producing corn flour by the full dry method is to clean the corn and wet it with water for a period of time, then directly crush the whole corn without removing the germ, and then grind and sieve it step by step. At the same time, it is equipped with different sieves to produce A variety of cornmeal or grits of varying thicknesses and finenesses.
2. Corn germ extracting and milling process: corn germ extracting and milling, that is, the processing technology of producing corn flour and corn germ at the same time in corn processing.
3. Corn co-production refers to the corn processing technology that simultaneously extracts corn grits, corn germs and various corn flours during the processing of corn deep processing equipment.

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