The difference between corn starch and wheat starch is mainly in the following aspects:

Morphological structure: Starches from different sources vary in size and shape. Wheat starch is lentil or spherical, with a diameter of 5-40µm; corn starch is polygonal or round, with a diameter of 5-25µm.
Crystal structure: Starch is a structure with a certain crystal form. Starch can be divided into three types: type A, type B, and type C according to the difference in X-ray diffraction patterns. Wheat starch is type A and corn starch is type B.
Chemical composition: Wheat starch contains more protein and fat, while corn starch contains more carbohydrates.
Uses: Wheat starch is mainly used to make pasta, cakes and other foods, while corn starch is mainly used to make candy, jelly and other foods.

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