Cleaning process during starch production
In order to produce high-quality starch, corn raw materials must be cleaned. We use a combination of dry and wet methods to maximize corn purification.
1. Cleaning process indicators and parameters
1) Clean screen process parameters
The efficiency of separating small impurities is ≥65% and the efficiency of separating large impurities is ≥90%
The air separation impurity removal rate is ≥60% and the screen hole non-clogging rate is ≥80%.
The grain content in the trash is ≤3%, and the wind speed in the air suction duct is 6-8M/S.
Broken corn ≤ 3%, small grain content ≤ 0.5%
After cleaning, the impurity content of corn is ≤0.3%
2) Process parameters of stone removal machine
Sand and gravel removal rate ≥90% Brick, slag and mud removal rate ≥60%
The number of grains in sand and gravel is ≤100 grains/Kg
3) Destone cyclone process parameters
Stone removal rate ≥95% Number of grains in the stones ≤50 grains/Kg

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