The processed products of cassava include starch, alcohol and modified starch, starch sugar, organic acid and other deep-processed products, among which starch is the most basic and important processed product of cassava. As a basic raw material, starch is widely used in food, medicine, papermaking, textile, oil drilling, building materials, feed and other fields. At present, there are more than 2000 kinds of products using starch as raw material in the world. With the continuous emergence of new technologies and new materials using starch as raw material, high-tech industries using starch as raw material continue to form, such as modified starch industry, starch sugar industry, organic acid industry, etc. The market demand for starch has huge potential and great prospects. broad. The world’s annual starch production has more than quadrupled in the past 20 years. In the mid-1970s, it was only about 7 million tons. In the mid-1980s, it increased to more than 18 million tons.

Alcohol, as an important chemical raw material, is widely used in the fields of medicine, wine making, pesticide and organic chemical production, fuel, etc. Based on the production of 1 ton of alcohol, the unit consumption of different raw materials is: 3 tons of corn; sucrose waste molasses 4.5 tons; 17 tons of sugarcane; 7 tons of fresh cassava (or 3 tons of dried cassava). Among all these raw materials, the price of cassava is the cheapest, and the cost of cassava alcohol is lower than that of other raw materials.

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