Cassava starch production process requirements:
① The freshness of cassava raw materials must be ensured to ensure product quality and improve recovery rate.
② Peel the potatoes thoroughly, because cyanide toxins are mainly concentrated in the cassava cortex. Peeling the potatoes clean can greatly reduce the cyanide content.
③ The water consumption during processing is large, and the processing water is required to meet drinking standards.
④ Do not use iron equipment and pipelines, because cyanide will combine with iron to form blue ferrocyanide, which will color the starch and affect the quality of the starch. In addition, the entire production process of starch is basically slightly acidic, so the equipment and pipe fittings used are made of stainless steel.
⑤In the production process, the material transportation volume is large, so more pumps are needed. Various pumps not only play a transport role, but also require a certain pressure to provide power to the materials to achieve separation when the equipment rotates at high speed.
⑥ Since starch is easy to precipitate and fiber is a non-uniform material, pipe elbows and other parts should have flanges or unions to facilitate disassembly and cleaning once blocked.
⑦ In order to ensure product quality, attention should be paid to frequently cleaning equipment and sites during the production process to keep them clean and hygienic.
⑧Since starch slurry is acidic, all slurry tanks should be treated with anti-corrosion.
⑨ During the drying process, various flammable sources, such as smoking, electric welding, static sparks, etc., should be controlled and eliminated to prevent dust explosion and ensure production safety.
8. Process characteristics:
① The production process layout combines horizontal processes and vertical processes, which covers less area, uses less pipelines, and uses less pumps, saving investment and reducing energy consumption.
② The production process is short, it only takes 30 minutes from feeding materials to producing finished products.
③The production process is continuous and the equipment efficiency is high.
④Except for the drying process, the entire production process is carried out under normal temperature and pressure conditions.
⑤ By adopting new technologies, we can further improve process production levels, give full play to equipment capabilities, reduce the number of equipment, reduce energy consumption and production costs, increase output, and improve product quality.
9. Main process parameters:
①Clean water distribution 1:4.
②Crush and mix with water 1:1.
③Crush the raw pulp and pass through the 1.2~1.4mm mesh.
⑤ Through screening and washing, the starch content of the potato residue is less than 35%, and the free starch content is less than 5%; the fiber impurity content in the whey is less than 0.05%; the concentration of the whey reaches 5 to 6 degrees Baume.
⑥The concentration of the incoming pulp for separation is 5 to 6 Baume degrees, and the output pulp concentration is 20 to 22 Baume degrees.
⑧The concentration of vacuum suction filter magma is 20~22bé.
⑨After dehydration, the moisture content of wet starch is less than 38%.
⑩The moisture content of finished starch is about 13.5%.

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