Cassava starch production process:

1- The fresh cassava root is sent to the horizontal squirrel cage cleaning machine by conveyor belt to clean the sediment;

2- Horizontal squirrel-cage cleaning machine is driven by the motor to rotate, and the fresh potato moves forward along the axis;

3- After the fresh potato goes through the horizontal squirrel cage cleaning machine, the sediment and part of the skin will be removed, and then enter the cleaning machine;

4- Under the action of the stirring paddle in the blade cleaning tank, the skin of the fresh block is removed by mutual friction;

5- After cleaning, the potato blocks enter the grinding process through the conveyor belt, and the washing water can be recycled after recycling.

Second, grinding extraction process

Starch is stored in root cells and can be obtained by crushing potato blocks. Crushing is the operation process of crushing large solid materials into suitable or fine powder with the help of external forces. Common grinding machines include disc type, hammer type, turbine type and filing mill, etc., and filing mill is generally used at present.

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