The improved technology cassava starch production line process includes;

Fresh cassava – Peeling and Cleaning – Crushing/Grating – Centrifuge sieving – Fine fiber sieving – Concentration and Hydrocyclone refining – Dehydration/Dewatering -Flash drying – Screening – Packaging.

Mechanical peeler: The cassava is peeled systematically to reduce wastage and remove stones, sand or soil from the cassava tuber by peeling it.

Grater: It blends cassava into slurry. It brings the starch out from the cassava. With our advanced technology, this machine can bring about 98% starch out from the cassava.

Sieving: This is to remove the sand, residues and milk from the wet starch. The excess fibers are extracted from the cassava slurry.

Hydro-cyclone: Washes and purifies starch by the extraction of protein content. This refines, concentrate and whiten the starch.
Pile centrifuge: Dewatering the starch into cake form. It removes the water in the starch milk. After dewatering, the water content of wet starch will be about 40%.
Flash dryer: The semi dried starch dries into powder using hot steam. This reduced the wet starch of 40% to 13% water dry starch.
Screening section: To make sure all the starch is in uniform fineness.
Automated Starch Line:
Raw material: carbon steel, Stainless steel.
Capacity: Production of between 10-100 tonnes/day of high quality cassava starch depending on the starch line facility size.
Usage: Starch processing.
Factory Installation;
Huatai starch company will help to build the starch plant, install the whole production line, as our engineers will be sent to your site to help with the installation. After-sales Service: We offer free training, maintenance and consulting services after installation. Any need please email to [email protected]