Cassava starch production line equipment
Filtration equipment: Cassava contains a large amount of fine fibers. This section is best equipped with filter equipment centrifugal screen and residue removal equipment fine residue screen, which can separate the cassava residue, fiber, impurities and cassava starch in the cassava pulp, and extract high-purity cassava starch!
Purification equipment: As we all know, the quality of cassava starch affects the sales of starch products, and the cyclone determines the quality of cassava starch to a great extent. The cyclone is used to purify the filtered cassava starch and remove the cassava starch. Cell fluid, protein, etc. in the slurry are extracted to extract higher purity and higher quality cassava starch.
Dehydration and drying equipment: The last step in cassava starch processing is to dehydrate and thoroughly dry the high-purity cassava starch slurry. This requires the use of a scraper centrifuge and an airflow dryer (also known as a flash dryer). The vacuum dehydrator is a The excess water in the cassava starch milk is dehydrated. The water content of the dehydrated cassava starch is less than 40%. The air flow dryer adopts the principle of negative pressure drying to completely dry the cassava starch when passing through the hot air flow, effectively avoiding starch bridging and paste issues.

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