Cassava starch production equipment is mainly divided into the following categories:

1. Tapioca starch production line. The production line usually includes multiple production links, such as cleaning, chopping, soaking, crushing, stirring, dehydration, drying, etc. The equipment adopts advanced automatic control system, which can realize automatic production, improve production efficiency and reduce labor cost.

2. Tapioca starch extraction machine. The equipment separates the cassava starch through the principle of physical mechanics. The equipment is simple in structure and easy to operate, which can meet the needs of small-scale production.

3. Cassava slicer. The equipment can quickly cut cassava into uniform thin slices for subsequent production processes.

4. Cassava soaking equipment. This equipment is mainly used for soaking cassava slices to separate the starch.

The use of these equipments has greatly improved the production efficiency and quality of cassava starch. At the same time, they can effectively reduce production costs and make the price of cassava starch more competitive. In addition, in the process of use, it can also be flexibly configured and combined according to actual production needs to meet enterprises of different scales and different needs, providing strong support for industrial cassava starch production.

With the continuous progress and development of science and technology, cassava starch production equipment is constantly updated to adapt to the needs of different enterprises and market changes. This will greatly promote the standardization, intensification and specialization of cassava starch production, and will also provide broader space and opportunities for the development of the industry.

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