1. Cassava cleaning and washing parts

Dry sieve: The dry sieve will rotate its inner spiral to remove some impurities and peels of the cassava. This part will guarantee the high quality of tapioca starch. It is worth telling you that Jinrui’s dry sieve will not destroy the cassava raw material during this cleaning process, which ensures the yield of cassava starch.
Paddle Washing Machine: Compared with the sweet potato starch washing process, this machine is a different washing machine. The principle of countercurrent washing is adopted to make the raw materials flow in reverse. The raw material cleaning effect is obvious, and it can effectively remove the sediment and other sundries deposited between the outer wall of the drum and the tank body.
2. The crushed part of cassava
Cutting machine and filing machine: The cutting machine mainly pre-crushes the cassava raw material, which is used to cut the cassava into pieces, and then transports it to the filing machine for further crushing, so that the cassava raw material has a high degree of crushing and can greatly extract cassava starch. rate, the starch extraction rate exceeds 94%.
3. Separation of potato residues
Centrifugal sieve and fine slag sieve: The main function of centrifugal sieve and fine slag sieve is to remove potato residue, which is a key part in the production and processing of cassava starch, and is used to remove fine fibers in starch slurry.
4. Concentration, washing and refining of tapioca starch:
Disk separator: The disk separator is mainly used to separate protein and cell fluid in cassava slurry, and can be used for concentration and purification of starch slurry. Jinrui generally uses a cyclone combination to concentrate and wash tapioca starch.
Cyclone group: During the production and processing of cassava starch, the cyclone group is mainly used to remove fiber, protein and cell fluid in starch milk, and to concentrate and finely wash starch milk. Generally, the process of full cyclone includes concentration, recovery and washing. After this section, the tapioca milk is pure enough.
5. Tapioca milk dehydration
Scraper centrifuge: The scraper centrifuge is a filter centrifuge with scraper discharge and automatic intermittent operation. The scraper centrifuge can run continuously and discharge materials intermittently. It is mainly used for dehydration of tapioca starch milk. It can dehydrate tapioca starch milk to wet tapioca starch with a moisture content of about 36%.
Daily output of 5 tons, 10 tons, 30 tons, 50 tons, 60 tons, 100 tons, etc., can be formulated according to customer requirements.
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