Cassava is a surface rough plants. The vast majority of dry cassava 、 fresh cassava tubers containing big amount cassava starch.. Our task is making high efficient cassava starch processing machine for the customer.       Starch is the main constituent of cassava roots . Cassava Starch is produced from fresh cassava roots by wet-milling method .  Our cassava starch production equipment is produce cassava starch from fresh harvest cassava root . Big amoutn cassava starch will be obtained from mature and good quality tubers or dry cassava chips and some amount dry pulp may be realized .Fresh tubers are processed during season and dry chips during the off-season by cassava starch production equipment . The cassava roots processing plant is designed as the buyer requirement.The whole cassava starch production equipment is comprised of four major sections: Washing & Crushing Sections, Screening Sections, Concentrating Sections and Drying Sections.Advantage of Cassava starch  processing line1. Good performance; high efficiency2. Stainless steel construction3. High level machining, equipment manufacturing excellence4. Good supervision, commissioning and assistance5. Low maintenance, simple operation6. Pumps, motors, piping and instrumentation installed on the same integrated frame7. Closed system, easy to clean and CIP8. Fully communicate with the user to provide the best engineering design and facility layout.Cassava Starch  Production Process:Fresh cassava → Cassava washing machine → cassava peeling machine → cassava grinding machine → Centrifuge sieve →  Desanding → Hydrocyclone → Dewatering → Drying machine-cassava starch packing machine

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