The first is cassava whole flour or cassava bread flour. This process is peeling-cutting-cleaning-feeding-crushing-dehydration-drying. There is a layer of toxin on the surface and lignification of the skin. This process is generally translated as “cassava flour” or “bread flour” after African orders. This is not starch processing. We can understand the product as whole powder or flour. The process flow of the second type of cassava starch processing equipment is roughly the same, belt conveying-peeling-cleaning-belt conveying-coarse crushing-fine crushing-separation of pulp and slag-secondary separation-sand removal-refining-protein separation-dehydration-drying First of all, explain why the process should be so matched. The first belt scraper conveys cassava root pieces of different sizes, and grows into a cylinder. If it is conveyed by a screw, the maximum size cannot be determined. The second peeling process, the material will be peeled in the first process. With the rotation of the drum in the machine, the debris, soil, and skin will fall off. After peeling, the cassava will be cleaned once to ensure that a layer of debris attached to the surface of the cassava after peeling is removed. The cassava with different sizes is crushed into small pieces, and then enters the second stage of fine crushing, the crushing screen is 0.8-2.0mm, and the fineness of the potato dregs after the second stage crushing is the same as sawdust. At this time, the starch slurry and potato dregs are mixed. state, it needs to enter the separator to carry out the separation of slag and slurry. After the separation, a starch slurry is refined. After the starch emulsion is refined, it enters the desander for further purification and then enters the cyclone group to separate the protein and impurities in the material. At this point, the starch is basically formed, and the purified starch is introduced into the dehydrator for dehydration. The tax content of the dehydrated starch is 35-42%. The dry humidity can be picked up by hand and can be dispersed into the drying equipment for drying. The feeding port is equipped with a fine powder sieve, and the refined starch is considered a finished product, which can be packaged and sold.  Huatai Starch Processing Machine Supplier is your best choice, any need please email to [email protected]