As one of the industrial raw materials, cassava starch is widely used in food, sugar, pharmaceutical, textile, paper, chemical, light industry and other industries. Currently, there are about 90 countries in the world that grow cassava. In the world, cassava production is 65% directly for food, 20% for feed, and 15% for starch and industrial use. China, Japan, the United States and other countries are the world’s major importers of cassava products, accounting for 70-80% of their total trade. The development prospect of tapioca starch is broad.
Principles to be followed in the cassava starch process technology plan
The process technology plan is important considerations of how to set up cassava processing plant and should follow the following principles:
Advanced and forward-looking principles: Mainly reflected in product quality, technological level, automation degree of equipment and stable operation of equipment.
Applicability principle: It is mainly reflected in matching with the production scale and adapting to the basic data to meet the production needs of customers.
Reliability principle: Mature production process can produce ideal products and achieve project goals.
Principle of economic practicability: Select a technical solution with reasonable process flow, compact and reasonable process, low investment cost and suitable for its own needs. Huatai company supply professional starch processing machine and solution, any need please email to [email protected]