The first is peeling. As we all know, cassava has two layers of skins, and the crude fiber is not conducive to the taste of the finished product, so peel it first. We use a peeling machine to peel the skin, which can peel the whole piece and it works very well. After peeling, comes the grinding part, where we use cutters and raspers. Cutters are used to cut cassava into small pieces. Rasper is used to completely pulverize cassava. The device has a high-speed rotation with blades inside. While rotating at high speed, the blades are thrown to rasp the cassava cubes. It is the most important machine in Fufu processing. The more fully the crushing, the more cassava Fufu you get.Peeling machine, Full stainless steel body structure, sand roller design, 96% peeling rate.Easy maintenance, stable running.Cutter high running speed, low energy consumption.Rasper , special slot design, easy to replace saw blades.Plate-frame filter press. 1. large production capacity and high output, widely used in many industries.2. high degree of automation.From Raw Cassava to Starch: Huatai Starch Machinery Ensures Top-Quality Production.Any need please email to [email protected]