Automatic starch production line
There are many ways to process and extract starch, and the investment in equipment also varies greatly. Users can choose a suitable method for processing according to their actual situation. There is a kind of starch processing equipment that runs automatically. What is the advantage of this equipment compared with traditional processing methods?
In the cleaning process, it is necessary to wash off the sediment on the surface of the potatoes to facilitate the extraction of starch in the next process. The automatic starch processing equipment has a large amount of cleaning. The potato raw materials are automatically cleaned after entering the machine, and then transported to the next link for processing. The process is more coherent. The method of manual cleaning of sweet potatoes is suitable for processing with a small amount of processing and family workshops. Compared with manual cleaning, automated starch processing equipment saves time and reduces labor input.
The crushing link will affect the yield and benefit of starch processing, and is one of the important steps. There is almost no advantage in the manual crushing method. Mechanized crushing can more fully crush the sweet potato particles and facilitate the extraction of more starch.
In the process of starch processing, it is necessary to screen out impurities such as broken potato fibers and potato residues. The automatic starch equipment is equipped with a filter device to remove sediment and filter out fine impurities. Hand-made starch is generally filtered by hanging bags. The slow speed takes a long time, and the quality of the starch is not clean enough, which affects the taste of the finished product.
The automatic starch processing and extraction equipment will add a cyclone device to replace the sedimentation tank. The construction of the sedimentation tank needs to occupy a site area, and the sedimentation time is long. The starch slurry is exposed to the air and is easily affected by impurities in the air, which wastes processing time. Nor can the quality of the starch be guaranteed.
The traditional drying of starch is outdoor drying. Affected by the weather temperature, if the conditions are not met, the water content of the starch will be too high, which is prone to mold and deterioration. In addition, the environmental parameters must be well controlled during storage. dominant. The automatic starch processing equipment is equipped with a dryer, which directly dries the wet starch, and the dried starch is ready for transportation, saving time and effort.
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