Shotcrete corn fiber
Shotcrete corn fiber is sprayed on corn husk with corn soaking liquid, so it is called sprayed corn fiber, also called sprayed corn husk. There is a part of hydrolyzed monosaccharide, and the utilization rate is higher than that of corn husk. The protein is about 18%, and it is very effective as animal feed or aquatic feed.
Corn gluten meal is the lotion used for starch eluting, and contains more than 60% crude protein. It is a protein feed with high effective energy value. The amino acid utilization rate of its single product is almost equal to that of soybean meal.
Corn gluten meal is mainly used as feed protein source
Corn gluten meal has high protein content and is rich in amino acids. It can be used to replace protein feed such as bean cake and fish meal in the feed market where bean cake and fish meal are in short supply. The layer hen compound feed based on corn gluten meal can increase the egg production rate by about 15%. It can prevent chicken rickets and other diseases, play a role in health care and growth promotion, and is beneficial to improve the quality of egg protein.
Compared with fishmeal and bean cake commonly used in the feed industry, it has obvious advantages in resources, high feed value, no toxic and harmful substances, no need for reprocessing, and can be directly used as protein raw material. The advantages of corn gluten meal as a feed that can be developed are that the industrial scale output is expanding, the content of anti-nutritional factors in the product is small, the potential development is large, and the safety performance of the feed is good.

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