About modified starch production line
The pre-gelatinized starch equipment produced by our company has been designed to adjust the machine cavity and screw structure, so that the functions of modified starch have been diversified. The modified starch products produced are suitable for textile, food, paper, building materials, casting, petroleum Drilling and other fields.
How Does Modified Starch Production Line Work?
High-viscosity pregelatinized starch equipment is controlled by frequency conversion of the main machine, and other production lines are controlled by control cabinets. A production line can be divided into 1-3 control cabinets according to the number of equipment. The operation is centralized, simple and convenient, and the quality of the finished products required is different. , you can directly adjust the extruder to produce a variety of product specifications.
The pre-gelatinized starch equipment can produce corn pre-gelatinized starch, which is used in putty rubber powder, mortar, and construction industry. The addition ratio of coatings is generally 0.5%. It can also produce cassava pregelatinized starch for feed adhesives, mosquito coils and incense. Henan Huatai supply different starch processing solution, such as cassava, potato, sweet potato, maize etc.

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