Potato starch engineering is based on the capacity of investment and the quality of starch ( refined starch or crude starch ). The suitable semi-mechanized or fully-mechanized or automatic starch equipment should be selected by the specific requirements.

The technology of potato starch engineering is as follows:

Weighing → removing stone → washing potato → crushing → separating slag and slurry → desanding → dehydration → refining → dehydration → drying → packaging → warehousing

This process is a complete set of automatic manual operation system, which is commonly used and relatively advanced potato starch equipment in China.

The advantages of potato starch engineering are as follows:

  • Novel structure and convenient operation.
  • Stable and continuous operation.
  • Fast adjustment, high efficiency and energy saving.
  • Production line can be customized according to specific needs
  • Capacity: 5-60TPH
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